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Our practices provide management of care to all our patients who are ill or believe themselves to be ill, with conditions from which recovery is generally expected, for the duration of that condition, including relevant health promotion advice and referral as appropriate, reflecting patient choice wherever practicable. General management of patients who are terminally ill.

Our practices also provide management of care to those patients who suffer from a Chronic Disease, in consultation with the patient.  This will also include the Care and management of Stroke or Transient Ischaemic Attack, Cancer Care, Hypothyroidism, Mental Health and Epilepsy.

  • Specialised Clinical Services: Our practices believe that prevention is better than cure and are pleased to offer a wide range of Health Promotion Clinics tailored to meet our patient’s needs.
  • Asthma Clinic: Review and monitoring is offered to those patients who suffer from Asthma. The Clinic supports patients in the management of their condition. Complete our online Asthma Review
  • Contraception: Full contraceptive services are available which include emergency contraception, giving advice about emergency contraception and where appropriate, the supplying or prescribing of emergency contraception.
  • COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) Clinic: Provides support to patients who suffer Respiratory Problems such as Chronic Bronchitis and Emphysema.  The Clinic provides patients with regular review of their condition, measurement of respiratory flow, smoking advice and an assessment of treatment. Complete our online COPD Review
  • Diabetes Clinic: Review and monitoring is offered for those patients who suffer from Diabetes, both Insulin and Non-Insulin Dependant.  The Clinic supports patients in the management of their condition together with advice on lifestyle, diet, weight and glucose testing.
  • Family Planning: Our Practice Nurses can provide information on contraception methods. The Practice does not offer coil fittings or implants; caps are only fitted at some of our surgeries. If you are a regular user of the pill, follow up is usually done by our practice nurses.  Ladies aged 35 and over will be reassessed by the GP. Smokers will not be able to continue with the combined pill after the age of 35.
  • Health Checks: High Blood Pressure, Smoking, Diabetes, Gender and Raised Cholesterol are all risk factors in developing heart disease or strokes. We encourage everyone aged 45 and over to have their blood pressure checked every 5 years. Raised blood pressure has no symptoms making it difficult to confirm, please don’t be alarmed if we keep asking you back for review. Diabetes is very common; perhaps 4 in every 100 people suffer and it is more common if you are overweight. Find more online health checks here
  • Hypertension and CHD (Coronary Heart Disease) Clinics: Provides support to those patients who suffer with High Blood Pressure and Heart Problems.  These Clinics provide support to patients in the management of their condition, regular monitoring and testing, advice, diet and healthy lifestyle
  • Minor Surgery: A specialist clinic is available to all patients within the practices for the removal of skin lesions and other minor operations.  Please speak to your doctor.
  • Pregnancy: If you have had a positive home or chemist test please book an appointment to see the midwife and take folic acid.

Other Services Available

  • Ear Syringing: If you have had this done before and not had any perforations or ear problems then syringing can be done by the nurse.  Please use oil to soften the wax for 5-7 days, there is no need to see a doctor.
  • Smoking Cessation: If you want to stop smoking, our staff will give you information about where to go for help.
  • Urinary Tract Infections or Cystitis: Our nurses manage UTI's except in children, men and pregnancy. Please remember to bring a specimen of urine with you.
  • Weight Reduction: We have no magic answers. Groups such as Weight Watchers seem to do well. Remember it is a long term change in lifestyle, as well as eating habits, that is needed not a short term diet.

Further Information