First Contact Mental Health Nurse




My name is Fiona Holland and I am the first contact Mental Health nurse. I work in the GP surgery and can offer support either face to face or over the phone. The appointment will be 20 minutes, and, in this time, I will be able to support the GP to assess your needs, offer advice, signpost to help and support in the community, if necessary, refer you on to a more specialised service to support with your needs.

Patients who are suitable to see the First Contact Mental Health Nurse

  • Mild to moderate mental health problems
  • 18 years +
  • Depression, anxiety, stress, panic, difficulty/distress with emotions, feeling suicidal, feeling overwhelmed.
  • Anyone feeling their mental health is relapsing.
  • Those on a waiting list for treatment but feel their symptoms have worsened and need reviewed.

Not suitable

  • People who are under secondary care services or actively receiving treatment.
  • People actively harming or planning to end life need to contact 999 or TEWV Crisis service on 0800 0516 171.
  • Under 18's.

Urgent/on the day appointment would be necessary when.

  • People who are in emotional distress.
  • People experiencing thoughts that they would be better off dead or hurting themselves in some way.
  • Appointment will consist of safety planning and liaison with other services if necessary.
  • If actively harming or planning to end life contact 999 or TEWV Crisis Service: 0800 0516 171

How to book an appointment

  • Contact reception and ask to be booked in with the first contact mental health nurse for either telephone or face to face.
  • GP/nurses can book people in following a consultation if a mental health need is identified.

If you have immediate concerns regrading your mental health including actively harming or planning to end your life, please contact 999 or TEWV crisis team 0800 0516 171 in the first instance.